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How Long Will Decorative Concrete Landscape Borders Last?

Many home and business owners wonder how durable are decorative concrete landscape borders. Our answer is it depends. Some companies use just concrete which is durable, and other companies add a variety of additives, cable, and more to ensure the longevity of your decorative concrete landscape borders. Let’s take a look at the various ways landscape curbing companies can make your decorative concrete landscape borders last as long as your home will.
  • Fiber Mesh - Fiber mesh improves concrete impact resistance and retains its toughness. Fiber mesh is mixed through the concrete which makes it better than just a steel cable on its own. Never corrodes.
  • Steel Cable - Does not start corroding for 29-30 years. Helps keep decorative concrete landscape borders together at control joints, and helps when temperatures go from freezing to thawing to prevent potential heaving and separation.
  • Strengthening Additives - Various additives that increase the durability of your decorative concrete landscape borders.
  • Curbing Machine - Not every curbing machine is created equal. From how the cable is fed to the compaction of the concrete, curbing machines affect the outcome of decorative concrete landscape borders.
  • Experience - The finishing technique is essential to the longevity of your decorative concrete landscape border.This includes finishing by forming and compacting the concrete while stamping and decorating the final product.
So much goes into decorative concrete landscape borders to ensure you and your family will enjoy your landscape for years to come. When you are getting an estimate for landscape curbing, you will want to ask the company what they add to their concrete to make it a superior product. At Zenture Solutions, we tick off all of the boxes above. Every decorative concrete landscape border starts out with concrete mixed with fiber mesh and strengthening additives. Our curbing machine has tighter compaction and smoother cable feed ensuring a tight extrusion of the concrete. And our crew has years of experience, and have done hundreds of decorative concrete landscape borders.

When you are looking for decorative concrete landscape borders in Appleton, Kimberly, Kaukauna, Greenville, Menasha, Neenah, Oshkosh, Green Bay, De Pere and surrounding areas, contact Zenture Solutions. We want to help you create a beautiful landscape with decorative concrete landscape borders.