How to Find a Landscape Curbing Company Near Me

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Landscape curbing is a significant investment into the beauty of your home. Home and business owners want to ensure they are selecting a reputable concrete curbing company that will ensure the product is installed correctly and will last 20+ years. So here are some questions to ask to ask during your estimate:
  • How many years of experience does your company have installing concrete curbing? Many companies are a flash in the pan, and you will want to make sure you have a company that has had plenty of years of experience.
  • Are you licensed and insured? Anytime you are having work done in your yard or around your home you will want to make sure the contractor is fully licensed and insured.
  • Do you have any type of warranty? Landscape curbing is concrete and very durable, but a reputable company will stand behind their workmanship by offering some sort of warranty.

Some other things to consider when getting estimates for landscape curbing would be am I going to love this design and color for years to come? Does the estimator seem knowledgeable about the product? Who comes out to work on the project? How long will it take to install my landscape curbing?

At Zenture Solutions, we know finding a landscape curbing company near me is easy to do with Google. But actually picking a professional company that takes pride in their work is a little bit harder to do. We have extensive professional training for our crews and have invested into leading industry curbing equipment. We are ready, eager, and extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with you on your landscape curbing vision.

We Care About the Details!

Our landscape curbing installers pay special attention to the details of every project ensuring the complete satisfaction of each client.
Our goal is to enhance your home or business, raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood... One curb at a time!
We pride ourselves on professionalism and our quality. In a small town, word of mouth is key and we are positioned to exceed your expectations!